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This is a test post from my tablet… ♥♡♥

HoneyBaked Ham does the work for you!

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So, there’s this big holiday coming up. With food, and company, and events. And I’d like to enjoy it this year, instead of being stuck in the kitchen! So, when HoneyBaked Ham offered me a chance to make my holiday easier, I jumped on it! Ham is always our main dish at Easter and letting someone else cook it for me? I am all in.

I visited the store in Spring, right off of I-45.  The manager, Bill, was so friendly and so knowledgable!  And patient, too, because he answered each and every single one of my questions.  We talked about how many I was feeding, and about food allergies, and he pointed me towards this special.

HoneyBaked Special

This is seriously the best deal in the house.  You can get a roasted or smoked turkey breast PLUS a boneless or quarter ham.  And look at this…  My mouth was watering like crazy. Just the smell in that store had me starving!  I learned so many new tips and tricks!  Did you know that every HoneyBaked ham is glazed by hand?  AND that you’re not supposed to heat them up before serving?  The moisture from the oven can ruin the glaze!  Who knew???  Not me, that’s for sure.  And who wants to ruin all this lovely goodness?


Did you know HoneyBaked offers desserts too?

They only have their coconut cake during Easter time, but you can enjoy some of their other desserts year round.  I was looking at this cake.


I can’t wait for Easter and to eat this stuff up!  But that’s not all (in my best game show voice).  You have a chance to win a HoneyBaked Gift Card too!

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Menu Plan Monday – 3/31

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Monday: Grilled fajitas and chicken, with rice and beans for sides.

Tuesday: We have a movie preview, so it’ll be leftovers for the kids and junk food for us.

Wednesday: Roasted pork tenderloin with red and yellow potatoes. So tasty and the leftovers are great the next day.

Thursday: Clean out the fridge night.

Friday: Pizza.

Saturday: Sandwiches or freezer food.

Sunday: I’m thinking green chile enchiladas, but we’ll see how I feel.

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Long time, no clip?

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Well, hello there.

I have a ton of emails, and a stack of comments to wade through.

I’ve missed you all, too. ;)

So where has your absent coupon clipping nut been?


Lots of busy.

I’m a Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo volunteer – this was my fifth year on the Transportation Committee. I worked 4 – 10 hour shifts as my commitment to my committee during the 20 days of the show. I also attended several shows, and spent a lot of time walking the grounds at Reliant.

I also work full time. Full time plus. I averaged 64 hours a week over the past two months. That’s a full time job and a part time job, really. Huh.

Plus, I’ve got three kids, a husband, and sometimes I even have a social life.

But everyone still has to eat, so I’ve been doing what I can to cut our costs.

Here are my tricks to saving on groceries when you’re too busy to clip coupons:

1. Make sure you know what you’ve got at home. Keeping a pantry inventory is invaluable. It helps you not spend money AND helps you use up what you’ve already got.

2. Know what a good price is. I preach and harp on this, but it’s so important. If you don’t have time to go to multiple stores, know what you should be paying, and where you’re most likely to get the best deals. For me, that was H-E-B, Kroger, and Randalls. Randalls Just4U program is fantastic, H-E-B has reliable low prices for half my list, and Kroger has gas rewards too. Unfortunately, Sprouts is just too far away when I’m crunched for time. There was a store rumored for Pearland, but I haven’t heard anything else on it for months.

3. Use your alternate sources. For me, this includes Favado, Ibotta, and coupon clipping services. I just don’t have time to buy, clip, and sort coupons. So I’ve got to make it all count. Using Favado to find the best deals, printing coupons, and purchasing them where I need to has helped me keep a reasonable amount of money in my pocket. I’m not getting the same 75% savings I had been, but keeping between 40% and 50% is good enough for now.

4. Delegate. I sent my teenager into the store by herself and gave her a list. There were some hits and misses, but I see where we need to work on. She’s 14 years old, and she’s got to learn to feed herself when she’s not at home any more.

5. Realize that you can’t do it all. Rodeo lasts 20 days. I know that my days are going to be jam-packed, and I know at the end I don’t want to see another boot, buckle, or piece of bling but it’s just so rewarding. Grocery shopping will still be there this weekend. Seeing Zac Browne Band won’t be.

Sunday Shopping – 2/16

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So, a few of you have noticed some errors in my grocery matchups.  I’m no longer using the same tool, so if you see some stray code, don’t worry.  I’m replacing it as fast as I can.

I’m about to head to the store, and here’s what I’m buying…

Foodarama:Domino Sugar – $1.50 – $.75/2 coupon = $1.15 each when you buy two
There’s a $1 coupon if you get their homemailer, but I didn’t get mine this week.
Welch’s Grape Juice – $2.99 – $1/1 from the 2/2 RP = $1.99
Chinet Napkins – $.99 – $.50 printable = $.49 ea.
Hefty Slider Bags – $1.39 – $1.25/2 from the 1/5 RP = $.75 each when you buy 2

Shredded Cheese – $1.50 (limit 4 w/$10 add purchase)  I have two Best Customer mailer coupons, one for $2/10 dairy and one for $.40/2.  Any way you slice it (or shred it) that’s a good deal.
Butter – $1.50 (limit 2)  This is definitely a stock up deal for butter.  These are going into ziptop bags and into the deep freeze.
Kroger Vegetables – 2/$.88 (Limit 10)  I need canned tomatoes, so this deal is timely.