Houston Coupon Inserts

I’ve been working on this for a few days and I’m finally through.  If you go here, you can see a Google Spreadsheet of the coupons that I have received in my area of town, in addition to the coupons that are in the La Voz, which is a free newspaper distributed mostly on the south side of town.

I will try to update this by Tuesday most weeks.  It’s current as of the coupons that are coming out tomorrow.

You can use this listing to see when you should throw out an insert, to see if Houston got a particular coupon, or to see if there’s anything you didn’t get in your area.



About the Author: Kristin Holt Duncan is a Houston area extreme couponer. She enjoys saving money on the foods that her family actually likes so that she can spend more money on things like Nutella. And Danskos. And Coach purses. You can find her elsewhere on the web, below.

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    • Kristin says

      You might have to look around. There are some places on the Northside that still get the La Voz, but since so many people are looking for it, you might have to be patient. I know some stores that sell the Houston Chronicle also get double stacked with La Voz. I’ve seen them that way myself in Katy as well.

      • Jaimee says

        I’ll look out for it around my area. I don’t think I’ll be making special trips around the city to find it though. I’d like to get my hands on Rumba too. I heard there are coupons in it as well.

        • Kristin says

          The Rumbo you want comes to driveways. I thought I did a full post on it, but I guess not.

          Rumbo, GoodLife, Semana – all come to your driveway and have coupons, depending on where you live. I only get Semana, but one or two neighborhoods over, they get both Semana and Rumbo. Two more neighborhoods over, they get GoodLife.

  1. Kristin says

    La Voz is a very very popular publication. Depending on where you live, the delivery times vary. There are black boxes that get deliveries in Houston, South Houston, Pasadena, and near Almeda Mall. The 99 cent only stores got deliveries at one time, also.

    The Chronicle also offers some deals if you get a subscription. You may want to also look into printing your coupons, because a lot of times, they’re the same ones as in store.

  2. Mercedes V. says

    Kristin – Thanks so much for compiling this listing. I saved an Excel copy, reformatted so that the name was in the first column and then sorted alphabetically. Awesome alphabetical listing of all Houston area active coupons – You go girl!!!!

  3. Laura says

    So La Voz carries Smartsource as well? I thought they only carry Red Plum I’ve been on the hunt for La Voz all this month.

      • says

        I have heard from a very reliable source that some delivery drivers do not deliver the papers to the bins. They take them to the recycling facilities where they get paid. So, they get paid for “delivering” and they get paid for recycling!! I have been looking for weeks for a paper in my area 77018 in a 5 mile radius and cannot find one. I’m beginning to believe my source. It makes me angry that someone could be so selfish.

        And it is a GREAT source for coupons!