Menu Plan Monday – Food Stamps Challenge

It’s the Food Stamps Challenge edition of Menu Plan Monday!  Time to shake things up a bit!  Chicken is cheap, so that’s what we’re relying on.  As usual, this is just a plan, not set in stone.  Lunches are usually sandwiches, frozen burritos, or a box bowl of cereal.

Monday: Pasta day!  Chicken, broccoli and smoked mozzarella pasta.  This is so tasty.  Chicken was $1.69/lb at Randalls ($3.38), broccoli was $1 at HEB, pasta was $.39 ( $.78) and the smoked mozzarella was $4.  Cost – rounding up to $10.  This will make a huge pot (because I’m not turning on the oven), and will probably make dinner + leftovers for lunch.  This recipe really has become one of our favorites.

Tuesday: Taco Tuesday! Soft tacos, Spanish rice, and refried beans. Ground beef is $5, tortillas $1, cheese $.50, sour cream $.50 and veggies $1. Rice, ro-tel, and refried beans were free with coupons. Cost – about $8.  *Taco Tuesday may be phased out, cause we’re all a little sick of it.  But it’s quick, cheap and easy, so we’ll see…

Wednesday:  Since hatch chilies are so cheap right now, it seems to be a great time to try out PW’s white chicken enchiladas as a layered lasagna.  I’ll let you know how this one goes since I’m really just winging it.  Cost TBD.

Thursday:  Fend for yourself/clean out the fridge/freezer day. Usually Fridays are jampacked with kids wanting to go different places and Mom not wanting to cook. :)  We’re stocking up on quick fix meals from Randalls with their $5/$15 coupon.  I got 6 TGI Friday meals (for one) for $.92 each.

Friday: New recipe day! Homemade Chicken Tenders! These look really tasty. Since the oven will be on anyway, I’m also going to try another scalloped potato recipe. I need to find one we like, from scratch, because the packaged mixes are just too salty for me most of the time.

Saturday: Another easy day.

Sunday:  Grilling day.  We may be experimenting with seafood on the grill, since tilapia is cheap.  We’ll have to see what’s left in the budget!

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You can click on my tags to see how our previous meals have worked out. I’m feeding 3 adults, one teenage boy, one tween (girl), and a toddler boy. None of our portions are tiny, and my goal is to spend no more than $10 per meal.  For the next month, I’m trying to keep my total budget for food under $500.


About the Author: Kristin Holt Duncan is a Houston area extreme couponer. She enjoys saving money on the foods that her family actually likes so that she can spend more money on things like Nutella. And Danskos. And Coach purses. You can find her elsewhere on the web, below.

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