While I love love love my Android phone, I’m not a big app person. I have Words With Friends, Angry Birds, and a couple of programs for the Toddler. But Shopkicks is my new favorite app (also available for the IPhone).


Because you can earn “Kicks” by walking in to stores. You can get more kicks for scanning selected items. And you get kicks just for telling other people about it!

I know someone who cashed in for a $50 Target Gift Card just last week. I haven’t been hitting the program as hard as she has, but I am well on my way to getting a Target Gift Card.

So here’s how you get started. Go here and enter your mobile number. You can also enter a code (Vertex341), which will give you 50 Kicks. You’ll also get 100 Kicks just for signing up.

Then, tap your local businesses. Some will have Kicks just for walking in the door. Some of them will have Instant Surprises. You’ll see them pretty quickly.

Have fun, and start kicking!

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About the Author: Kristin Holt Duncan is a Houston area extreme couponer. She enjoys saving money on the foods that her family actually likes so that she can spend more money on things like Nutella. And Danskos. And Coach purses. You can find her elsewhere on the web, below.

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